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kvm-wrapper is (yet another) virtual machines manager, to be used with KVM. It intends to be lightweight, simple (and hackable), and started as a tiny wrapper for personnal use. kvm-wrapper is written in shellscript only.



kvm-wrapper is still under developpement, and the subversion repository is available at:


By default kvm-wrapper must be installed to /usr/share/kvm-wrapper. But you can change this by editing the ROOTDIR variable in kvm-wrapper.sh.


kvm-wrapper uses the following to manage your virtual machines (the only one mandatory is the kvm/qemu binary) :

Ressource files

The images (kernel/initrd) used in lenny's bootstrap script are available here. These are just kernel/initrd created from a Debian/Lenny virtual machine and tested to work. You have to copy them in your BOOT_IMAGES_DIR folder.

Other files can be found here.

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